InnChanter’s Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to spend a night on board InnChanter and what does that include?

Rooms on InnChanter start at $165 Canadian per person per night plus taxes and tip. This includes bed, breakfast and dinner, and use of the recreational equipment (dinghys, kayaks, etc.).

How can I pay for my stay?

InnChanter  accepts all major credit cards for payment.

How do I get there?

InnChanter is located at Hotsprings Cove, 27 miles NORTH of Tofino on the west coast of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. You drive to Tofino from Nanaimo or Victoria via Port Alberni. You cannot drive directly to the yacht as there is no road access. Once in Tofino, you have your choice of flying in a seaplane or boating with a water taxi north to InnChanter. Both methods of transportation can be booked at the government dock.

Please note that check-in is available after 4pm. Thank you for your understanding.

How many people can you accommodate?

InnChanter has five staterooms below decks, and one on the main level. In all, six staterooms that can accommodate two people each. If you have a larger party, there may be additional arrangements we can make. Check with us for all the details.

What can I expect once I get there?

You are traveling to a wilderness location where weather and conditions can be unpredictable and are currently out of our control. Be prepared to stay an extra day if the weather is such that seaplanes or boats cannot travel safely. Just in case, bring an extra set of warm clothing and waterproof raingear and footwear.

I have allergies. Can I still come for vacation?

All attempts are made to make your stay comfortable and safe. Please let us know well in advance of your arrival if you have any specific dietary restrictions, allergies or requests. The remoteness of our location tends to limit immediate access to exotic foodstuffs and menu modifications, but we will try to accommodate you as best as possible.

What’s there to do up at Hotsprings Cove?

You can follow the boardwalk down to the natural hotsprings and go for a soak. It’s about a 2km walk through the rainforest. There’s hiking, beaches, paddling around in the canoe, or you can just relax on the sundeck and watch the tide come in and go out… with a great book to read from our library!

You can check out the native village cross the bay and have a fabulous lunch at Mr. B’s. You can also hang out at the cafe at the head of the trail and have a coffee, check out the gift shop and chat with the tour boat operators and day trippers. Shaun is an expert on local history and can give you all kinds of information and pointers on what do see and where to visit.

Please note that the boat is powered by 12v solar panels so our power supply is very limited. The battery reserves are needed to run the boat. We are unable to charge customers’ laptops, cell phones or other devices. Thank you for your understanding.

Are pets allowed?

Sorry, but no pets allowed. InnChanter is moored in a bay and in order to reach shore, you must row over. This is not conducive to having pets on board. If you have a dire need to bring one, please contact us at InnChanter (250) 670-1149 to make sure it is okay.

Are children allowed?

Again, InnChanter is moored in a bay and in order to reach shore you must row over. This means children should know how to swim or be willing to wear a life jacket at all times to ensure their safety. Please make it clear to us when you call for reservations, the age of the child and whether or not they are competent swimmers.

How much notice do you need?

If you are in the neighbourhood, please give us a call and we will see if we can accommodate you! Usually a week’s notice is preferred.

We look forward to seeing you on board InnChanter!